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Color Portfolio Volume 1: US$100.00- Buy Now-
Software Requirements: PowerDRAW 6 or newer
or any shipping version of PowerCADD.

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With over 17 libraries containing more than 150 separate fill
patterns and components, this Library collection has
something for virtually everyone. This is the original Color
Portfolio Volume which was first released in 1997 and has
been a corner stone for a variety of plan, section and
elevation drawings used by a variety of design professionals.
[ full list of installed items shown to the right]

Using the libraries and fill patterns is as easy as opening a
library, using the symbol tool and clicking the mouse to add
the pattern to your drawing. Click here to download a PDF file
of the full documentation
to see just how easy it is to add
color to your drawings !

The decidious tree libraries are broken out into different sizes, small, medium and large. Each size has varing degrees of detail which do not appear in these web previews. If all this isn't enough Color Portfolio Volume 1 also includes some custom color swatches, a color palette to help you edit the tree colors quickly and easily and three fully rendered vehicles in side elevation !

Fill Composite Sheets:
To help you manage the extensive
collection of textures included in
Color Portfolio Volume 1, summary
sheets are included. (see composite
sheets folder above). These
composite sheets can be printed onto
8.5 x 11 tiles so you can prepare a
binder or you can print the entire
sheet on large format plotters. This
allows you to easily print test sheets
for a variety of output devices.
Composite sheets also include brief
text summaries which provide some
ideas on how the textures can be
used to depict various materials. Of
course, with a little creative thinking
many more uses are possible !.

Click on a link here to see the details
included in the Fill Composite Sheets.

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Fill Composite Sheet_02
Fill Composite Sheet_03
Fill Composite Sheet_04